"Our Limousine's are the talk of South Carolina...."

Celebrity Clients

Robin Williams

Ray Charles

Ringo Star

Reese Witherspoon

Jimmy Buffett

Neil Diamond

Jamie Foxx

Cast of Army Wives

Including Brian McKnight, Drew Hill, Ryan Philippe, Rodney Carrington, Rapper DMX, Glen Campbell, Johnny Mathis, Jane Fonda, Shania Twain,  Cokie Roberts, The Tams, Al Roker, Jewel, Robert Downey Sr., Ted Turner, Kristi Yamaguci, Queen Latifah, MC Hammer, Joe Walsh (The Eagles), Larry "The Cable Guy", Chris Rock, George Carlin, Jack Hanna, Cast of TV's "Myth Busters", Frankie Valli, Cast of "Wife Swap", Cast of Dawson's Creek, Cast of "Reckless"